Apollo Conservatories

06 Yelverton Conservatory Gallery

The client has the most beautiful garden and wished to feel a little more part of it, than when sitting inside the house. As the garden sloped away from the house, it was decided to create, what appears from the inside, to be one large glazed to the floor bay window. To achieve this a full height glazed section was created right across the front of the Conservatory and returned one panel along either side. This then allowed the use of a dwarf wall with an internal shelf or sill to be provided for displaying items and plants throughout its length.  

The traditional Orangery flat roof was used, but only on three sides. This allowed downlighters to be well positioned along the ceiling line. The roof was then pitched back against the rear wall of the house and to allow it to fit comfortably under the Bedroom window above, an additional flat roof section was provided right at the top. This can clearly be seen from the internal roof picture.

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