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04 Poughill Conservatory Gallery

This house was quite intriguing. It had formerly been an old Rectory, which had been changed somewhat over the years and was now a very important part of the village as a Grade 2 Listed Building.

One notable feature of this building was the many overlapping roof lines. Although the client asked for a Conservatory to be sighted centrally on the far right rear wall, we believed it to reflect the style of the house more by moving to the left and returning it into the set back wall behind. This also had the tremendous advantage of being able to link the Conservatory with an existing Lobby. An old Gothic window was removed to form an opening through to a Lobby extension. The old window was then restored and re-used in the Lobby Extension itself, as can be seen in the photograph. A slate roof was constructed over this section with the dividing wall extending up between the two roof lines and capped with water tabling or coping stones. A pair of internal French Doors were then positioned within this wall. The Double Gothic bars within the Conservatory truly reflect the Old Rectory fenestration.

The case Conservation Officer was initially a little apprehensive about this proposal, although did approve it. After seeing the finished result, she commented how well it blended in and she would be even more likely to support our designs in the future.

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